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One-car family: how to survive

Owning a private transport has become an indispensable attribute of a modern person. Many families have even more cars than the number of drivers. Still, the fuel costs are growing higher and higher as well as family’s expenses. Is it so reasonable to have several vehicles for different occasions? Is one car enough for a family and how to save money without sacrificing your comfort? Those are our today’s questions.

Advantages of being a one-car family

• Money saving.

Besides consuming fuel, each car in your family requires regular maintenance and assurance costs. You need to pay for washing, oil and tire changes and some other professional assistance. Just stopping using one of your autos in not a solution, because a car needs to be driven and while standing idle in your garage it will only fall into decay faster.

• Profit

Selling a car means a considerable one-time profit that can be used for arranging an exciting family trip or fulfilling some of your expensive dreams you always had no money for. Besides, it can solve some other financial problems. Anyway, an option of selling a car that you don’t actually need enables you to feel free in planning your future.

• Health

Healthy lifestyle implies active daily routine and you can achieve it by changing from a car to a bicycle. Besides getting regular physical trainings, you will become more environmentally friendly.

• Dependence

Being a part of a one-car family means occasional arguments for the steering wheel. If you are the one who sold your car, you will have to rely on your partner to drive you somewhere.

• Compromise

It’s in human nature to customize the things that we own. And we don’t like when somebody else enters our personalized space. Sharing one car for a family may become a trial for your relationships.

• Weather

Having a single car for a family makes you go on foot more frequent. And in such cases you need to remember about the weather, especially in the regions with extreme climate, because you get left exposed to the sun and rain.


1. If your wide motor pool was caused by the approach “each car for each purpose”, you can decrease the number of your vehicles by purchasing one general-duty auto. Looking for such a car, check prices on Mazda 3, because it is affordable for anyone due to a range of modifications.

2. When buying one car for a couple, choose the one that both of you will like. Do the search together and share the ideas about the vehicle you want. Consider all-purpose models like Ford Fusion that is considered to be the most comfortable in its class.

Selling your car and buying a bicycle instead will be a wonderful solution for people who care about their physical fit. Though it will take you a little longer to cover long distances, you will save time on short ones where you previously walked. Moreover, regular cycling can replace your gym trainings and make you feel more alive during the day.

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