Fun Jeep Facts Every Jeep Lover Should Know

We all turn our heads when we see a Jeep, because it’s one of the neatest looking vehicles that ever came off the assembly line. It’s also one of the most fun vehicles on the market, but did you know that this intriguing vehicle is surrounded in mystery? Did you know that Jeeps have taken on the world’s toughest terrain? Those are only a few things you never knew about Jeeps.


  1. The First Jeep – Created Fast

The first Jeep ever designed was created in only two days. The United States was just about to enter WWII, and the government realized it needed a better way to move troops. The Model T’s were aging out, and needed to be replaced with a vehicle that was lightweight, small, and four wheel drive. Karl Probst was employed to create a vehicle on July 17, 1940, and two days later, the Jeep was born.

  1. No One Knows How it Was Named

Most Jeep lovers commonly believe that the term “jeep” comes from the government, who called the vehicles “General Purpose” vehicles, or GP’s. However, that’s likely not how the name happened. Ford’s original version was called GPW, standing for Government P (distance between wheels) Willys. All we know is that some people believe that “jeep” was common lingo that referred to all military-type vehicles, and perhaps that’s how the name happened. However, the most interesting theory is that the name came from a Popeye cartoon character, drawn around the time of the vehicle’s creation. Ask a used Jeep dealer Passaic County about it and see if he’s up on his rare Jeep knowledge.

  1. It Came Out Bold

The first time a Jeep ever made a public appearance is when it drove up the steps leading to the U.S. Capitol. The driver was asked what the vehicle was, and he said, “It’s a Jeep.” After the war, “CJ’s”, or “civilian Jeeps”, were available to civilians.

  1. Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

Everyone copied the Jeep. Toyota began using the term “Jeep” in its advertising, until lawyers insisted they change the term to Land Cruiser. Mitsubishi and Ford made licensed copies of the vehicle, and nearly everyone has a “Jeep” type vehicle. The Jeep was the forerunner to the modern SUV, which every company has manufactured in a number of different styles.

  1. Jeep Goes Everywhere

The Jeep design was purchased by Willys-Overland, then sold to Kaiser Motors. It was then purchased by American Motors Company, which was bought by Renault followed by Chrysler. Chrystler then merged with Daimler, which is overseen by the Canadian and U.S. governments, and most recently, Fiat. The Jeep name has literally been around the world and back.

  1. “Jeeping” Is Now a Sport

Mark A. Smith is credited with creating the first trek for a group ofJeeps across the Rubicon Trail. The trek happened in 1953, near Lake Tahoe. Since this first trek, Jeep lovers keep it up, and now the events are so big, that Jeep actually brings concept vehicles to the rallies as a thank you to the fans.

Jeep is the coolest vehicle we’ve seen to date, and thousands of worldwide fans tend to agree. Any used Jeep dealer Passaic County will agree, helping you get into your first, or next, piece of American history today.


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