The Queen’s custom made cars

The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family have many public engagements to attend to around the country and for most of these they travel by state car. These must be in style which is ‘safe, efficient and dignified; in essence in a luxury that is befitting of the Royal Family’s status and need for security.

Luxury and security are not the only elements a royal carmaker must take into consideration. Crowds of people flock to see The Queen whenever she makes public appearances and for many these occasions may be the only chance they will get to see our ruling monarch. Creating the cars so that people are able to get a clear view of Her Majesty is therefore of utmost importance.

The latest additions to The Queen’s fleet of cars were two Bentley’s, gifted to The Queen in 2002 to commemorate her Golden Jubilee. The design of the custom made Bentley’s incorporated all the special requirements needed and had input from The Queen herself, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Head Chauffeur.

As such, each of the Bentley’s has certain unique specifications. These include[1][2]:

The size of the car

The Queen’s Bentley’s are huge in comparison to normal cars and even standard sized Bentley’s. For example, they are 6.23 metres in length in comparison to a standard Bentley Arnage, which is nearly one meter shorter. The doors have also been specially designed so that The Queen can stand upright in the vehicle before disembarking.

The size of the windows

As mentioned, visibility is high important for the Royal Family’s cars and as such they benefit from large windows and a retractable roof.

No licence plates

As members of the Royal Family do not pay tax, their vehicles do not need to be registered in the same way as ordinary cars.

Claret livery

The Bentley’s put be painted in Claret, which is the Royal colour. Only The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh can have their cars painted Claret.

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